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Franz Dietrich


Franz Dietrich is a Senior Research Fellow at the CNRS (CR1) primarily affiliated to the Paris School of Economics, and, on a part-time basis, a Professor of Economics at the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom).

He is an interdisciplinary scholar working in the overlap of economics and philosophy. His research deals primarily with the theoretical foundations of decisions by single individuals or groups, addressing on the one hand formal and mathematical questions, and on the other hand philosophical, normative and methodological questions. Regarding group decisions, his research focuses on the aggregation of individual judgments, but he also works on the aggregation of subjective probabilities and preferences, and on welfare economics. Regarding decisions of individual agents, he works for instance on the motivating reasons underlying someone’s preferences and actions, as well as on the rationalization of choices and on preference change.

During his interdisciplinary career, he received a PhD in mathematics (2003, University of Oxford) and held positions at Konstanz University (2002-2005, post-doc in the Philosophy, Probability & Modelling Group), Maastricht University (2005-2008, Assistant Professor in the Economics Faculty) and the London School of Economics (2006-2011, Nuffield Foundation, later Ludwig Lachmann Fellow). In late 2011 he took up his two current positions.

Additional information including a list of his publications is available on his homepage at

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