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Séminaire annuel du Collège


Lundi, 30 Mai 2016 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Social Change, Social Movements, Social Justice, Social Progress: where are we now?

After several decades of economic prominence in the political discourse, the social is back. New social movements question traditional political parties everywhere and bring new themes on the local/global agenda. Social change is increasingly discussed in the light of widespread and rising inequalities. Social justice is rethought at the global level to transcend various claims about recognition and redistribution. Social progress gets increasing attention as an overarching goal to be pursued by societies in the 21st century.


Social sciences have made significant advances in studying all the issues mentioned above over the past decades, in part thanks to a better understanding of the complex and interdependent nature of contemporary social phenomena.  We need to take stock of these conceptual and empirical advances to help further the recognition of social sciences as key to crucial policy debates on the future of our societies.


Three internationally recognised scholars affiliated with the Collège d’études mondiales will introduce the debate on the new ways of rethinking social phenomena in the 21st century.

Speakers: Nancy Fraser, Marc Fleurbaey and Saskia Sassen 



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