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Séminaire Mouvements sociaux à l’âge global : démocratie et écologie


Jeudi, 2 Juin 2016 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Jeudi, 9 Juin 2016 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Jeudi, 16 Juin 2016 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Séminaire organisé par Geoffrey Pleyers, chercheur associé à la Chaire Ecologie, travail et emploi. 

Lieu : Le France

  • jeudi 2 juin, Salle 1 : Nuit Debout : activisme, démocratie et subjectivation
  • jeudi 9 juin, Salle du Conseil B : Mouvements sociaux des années 2010. Mouvements, répression et anti-mouvements, avec Brieg Capitaine.
  • jeudi 16 juin, Salle 1 : Coup d'Etat Brésil: Polarisation politique et mouvements sociaux, Breno Bringel (IESP/Université de Rio) et Ana Suzina (Université de Louvain).
Écologie, travail et emploi


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Images stand out at specific kinds of interaction, however are not so reliable for other types. Still, it is necessary to understand exactly what visual material does better than spoken material so you can choose the best medium for your message. [url=

Here are 3 tricks to help you unlock the power of visual images in your content marketing.

SECRET # 1: The human brain is developed for processing images.

Leonardo da Vinci stated, "All of our understanding has its origin in our perceptions."

Human beings have five primary sensory pathways, but many people rely quite greatly on their visual sense. Scientists estimate that close to 90% of the sensory input that enters our brains does so through our eyes!

An estimated 50% of all human brain resources is dedicated to seeing and analyzing what we see. Roughly 30% of our noodle includes vision neurons, compared to just 3% for hearing. Of all the nerves linking to the brain, 40% of nerves come from the retina of the eyes.

Our brains are clearly established to prioritize visual input over other types of sensory input. Vision is clearly the primary path of sensory input for most people.

The brain can process visual input 60,000 times faster that is processes textual info. Plus researchers have actually discovered that visual helps can increase knowing by up to 400% over teaching with verbal methods alone.

What is all this visual input that our brains are so hectic processing? Much of it is processed by our subconscious brains and is utilized for numerous immediate choices to keep us safe.

TRICK # 2: Written content is not primarily visual.

The role of composed material is frequently misconstrued; we think it is visual since we utilize our eyes to read. However reading is more correctly categorized as a spoken job instead of visual.

Consider for a minute that not everyone uses their eyes to check out. Aesthetically impaired people can learn to read completely well using the Braille system of composing processed with the fingertips, not the eyes.

Reading is a distinct job that includes multiple parts of the brain. However one thing is definite: Checking out is a high-level, abstract reasoning ability carried out primarily by the mindful brain. Reading is a very different brain process than the subconscious visual input explained above.

Even though many people use their eyes to view a printed page or screen, that is not the most fundamental part of the reading process. We must utilize the verbal processing part of our mindful (logical) brain to translate those lines and squiggles into thoughts and concepts.

The visual part of the reading job is ineffective by itself; the spoken part of the job identifies the meaning of exactly what we read. It is the coordination of those 2 brain functions that makes reading such an intricate skill.

In summary, it is more precise to categorize written text as spoken content than as visual material - no matter whether those composed words appear in a book or on a PowerPoint slide or video screen. Sharing written text on the screen is spoken material, NOT visual!

SECRET # 3: Sharing visual material offers special benefits.

Typically, we have actually assumed that pictorial details can be equated into words and vice versa, leading to expressions like: "A photo deserves a thousand words."

However cognitive research study has discovered that these two modes for representing understanding are qualitatively different and the exact same information can not be quickly converted from one mode to the other.

The dual-code, or dual-channel, theory of learning states that humans utilize different channels for psychological processing of spoken and pictorial details.

Active knowing requires both time and psychological area for processing input. Working memory, with its restricted capacity, is where this active processing takes place and it involves incorporating the input from the verbal and visual/pictorial channels.

When a student mentally integrates the spoken or printed verbal information from one channel with the visual/pictorial info from the other channel, this active processing achieves the most successful learning results.

According to Walt Disney, "Of all of our innovations for mass interaction, pictures still speak the most universally understood language."

Educational scientists have recorded that we find out and remember best through images, not through composed or spoken words.

Images are the language of the subconscious. Visual communication reaches the subconscious mind of your customers and potential customers, regardless of the particular medium, form, or sharing platform.

Images are concrete and approximate truth more closely. Our eyes and our brains perceive all parts of an object at the same time as a whole. By contrast, checking out includes scanning unique letters in a direct sequence in order to acknowledge the private letters as a word.

There is an entire category of details that is processed visually without any thought involved. These "preattentive attributes", such as color, instructions, and pattern, can convey a good deal of details aesthetically at amazingly fast speeds - within 250 milliseconds!

One example would be using color to make certain elements of composed content stick out from all the rest. The impact is instant! Preattentive processing is among the manner ins which our visual system has the ability to process far more input than all the other senses integrated!

Much of the sensory input we process is completely subconscious and, as mentioned above, 90% of that input is visual. That subconscious stream of visual information forms an impression in the mind of your audience. This is incredibly powerful and has actually been utilized by many political leaders and world leaders - for good or for evil.

IT 'S NOT YOUR FAULT that you have not been developing and sharing more visual material.

If our brains are enhanced for dealing with visual input, then why do so many people count on a preponderance of verbal, text-based details to obtain their message across to their designated audience?

The subconscious part of the brain is hectic processing sensory stimuli, while the conscious brain is focused generally on processing internal info. The conscious brain concentrates on its own thoughts, using activities like preparation, abstract thinking, thinking, and analysis. These believing jobs are frequently totally independent of external sensory stimuli.

While our subconscious brains are processing all that sensory input, we are not mindful of all that activity ... because it is happening at a subconscious level. The majority of us rarely think about what our subconscious brains are doing, not to mention how we could enhance our brain's effectiveness by offering input in a better format.

If we are not knowledgeable about these problems in relation to our own psychological processing, then it's not most likely we'll consider the same issues when interacting with others, such as in the marketing messages we deliver to our customers and potential customers.

So, my dear reader, you are to be congratulated for understanding the importance of the insights in this short article and for thinking about the possibility of altering how you provide your educational marketing or content marketing - or even altering your interactions in basic.

To get started with simple methods to make your material more visual, have a look at this blog post, Why_All_This_Focus_on_Images, and learn simple actions for creating more visual slides to utilize in presentations, webinars, and videos.

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Lots of kids having autism spectrum condition are visual learners. Images are frequently their first language, with words coming 2nd. Such children can process info better when details exists to them aesthetically. In the last number of year, innovation has made it easier to make visual images more accessible to people with autism. This has actually resulted in the intro of language advancement apps for students with autism. These include apps like "What's the Expression" and "Make Sentences".

An increasing concern for individuals with autism spectrum disorder is employment. Many of them do not have the abilities to live separately. According to national information in the US, most of the adults with autism are either underemployed or out of work. This is since the majority of them do not have in correct interaction. They often cannot communicate their wants. The "Exactly what's the Expression" and "Make Sentences" language advancement apps for students with autism, if introduced at the proper age, can go a long method to solve interaction problem : [url=

Employment is a crucial part of a productive adult life. Individuals with autism spectrum condition should have the chance to contribute proficiently to the society via proper employment opportunities, paying taxes and enhancing the quality of their life.

Absence of communication, as already stated, is among the major barriers for autistic people to obtain a rewarding employment. This is since they were not exposed to language development apps for trainees with autism when they were kids. As an outcome they are discovered lacking in the "soft skills" like small-talk and short chats. They also do not have the ability to finish a task separately sans a task coach. Sensory concerns likewise play their part in a work environment. Mobile technology has actually been discovered to attend to these concerns and that's why language development apps for trainees with autism have assumed excellent value of late.

Lots of people with autism spectrum condition are delicate to noises. They can react to lower noises. But high-pitched noises often unnerve them. Language development apps for students with autism, like "What's the Expression" and "Make Sentences", can adjust the appropriate sound levels for each user. Both the audio and video features of these 2 apps are fully adjustable and can be tuned to specific requirements. Besides, these 2 apps are frequently upgraded and the updates can be downloaded on to the iPad or tablet.

While there have actually been some recent advancements in the field of language advancement apps for students with autism, need to still need to be done.

As the name suggests, the Exactly what's the Expression app assists autistic children of all ages to express themselves in different scenarios. The Make Sentences app, on its part, imparts English skills to those aged 5-35 years

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