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Benjamin Nienass


Benjamin Nienass received his Ph.D. from the Department of Politics at the New School for Social Research. He also holds graduate degrees from Central European University in Budapest and Leiden University in the Netherlands. His articles have appeared in Globalizations, the International Social Science Journal, and the International Journal for Politics, Culture, and Society. He is a co-editor of Silence, Screen, and Spectacle: Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information, forthcoming by Berghahn Books. 

Arrival : 01/09/2013

Scientific project : Collective memory in an emerging European recognition order

Dr. Nienass’ research is concerned with discourses about transnational memory norms in the European Union, as reflected, for example, in attempts to harmonize legal responses to the denial of genocide, to institute commemorative practices around European events on the supranational level, and to officially recognize and commemorate events that occurred outside current EU boundaries. He is specifically interested in the different notions of ‘Europe’ that are implied by the discourses about a shared ethics of memory and their implications for questions of political membership, as well as the extent to which traditional analytical approaches to the study of social memory need to be rethought to incorporate new postnational realities.   

Rethinking social justice
Post-doctorant-e-s 2013