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Mariana Rios


Doctoral fellow associated to the chair Anthropology & Global Health, held by Vinh-Kim Nguyen.

Mariana is an anthropology PhD student from the University of Amsterdam and will be doing fieldwork in Paris for a period of 18 months (July 2014-December 2015). Her research is part of the ERC project ‘Chemical Youth’, which aims to understand what chemical substances and pharmaceuticals –not only illicit drugs- ‘do’ for young people. In the frame of this project, seven PhD students in four countries (The Philippines, Indonesia, The Netherlands and France) will craft case studies to illustrate the diversity of relationships between young people and chemicals. Mariana’s ethnographic research (in co-supervision by Anita Hardon University of Amsterdam) and Emilia Sanabria (ENS Lyon)) will explore how endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are enacted in everyday practices and environmental activism among young people in France. EDCs are synthetic chemicals widely used in household and industrial products, which have been associated with adverse effects to the health of animals, including humans. The field research she is undertaking aims to better understand how EDCs shape and are shaped by individual practices, activism and other forms of collective engagement, both among young people who are highly concerned about EDCs or heavily exposed to them.

Mariana has a BSc in biology (UNAM, Mexico City) and an MA in Medical anthropology (UvA, Amsterdam). She has participated in numerous sexual and reproductive health advocacy and research projects ­-with a particular focus on the provision of legal abortion services in Mexico City-, as well as in a multisite project coordinated by the University of Manchester and carried out in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia and Mexico) that aimed to explore the intersections between notions of race and nation and genomic science in Latin America.



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RIOS SANDOVAL, Mariana. Behind the scenes: reflecting on cross-gender interview dynamics in Mexico City. Anthropology Matters, [S.l.], v. 11, n. 1, Oct. 2009. ISSN ISSN 1758-6453. Available at:

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