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Conference: Open Educational Resources: impact and outcomes

At the centre of the European Commission’s consultation document lie Open Educational Resources (OER). One goal proposed for the initiative was ‘opening up content’:

"Having open access to quality content, alongside support and assessment services will reshape the educational paradigm by revisiting fundamental issues such as access to education, supply of quality content or certification of informal learning."

In the past decade, we have seen major investments from open and traditional universities in OERs, starting with the MIT OpenCourseWare initiative in 2001. In 2006, higher education

How the Information Society is changing the way of learning?

Séminaire postdoctoral du Collège d'études mondiales avec Ingrid Noguera

La génération du Millenials est en train de changer la voie de l'apprentissage, et les établissements d'enseignement tentent de mieux s'adapter aux besoins des jeunes. Sur cette base, nous avons passé en revue les rapports plus importants à propos de l'intégration des TICE dans l'éducation dans le but de prouver que l'éducation est en train de changer, et va changer, pour répondre aux besoins des Millenials avec le support des TICE.

Colloque: Towards a new learning paradigm: a change of mindset

Colloque organisé par la Chaire "Nouvelles technologies et éducation" d'Imma Tubella.

Convener:  Imma Tubella, Chair of Communication at the Open University of Catalunya (Barcelona) and chair of « New technologies and Education » at the Collège d’études mondiales (Paris).

In our global knowledge society knowledge, innovation and technology remain key elements in the strategies for the future.

Today anybody doubts about the idea that ICT is one of the key factors driving progress in the 21st century, changing our economy, politics, society or communication media.

Parution : Turning the University upside down

Turning the University upside down, UOC 2011
Turning the University upside down. Actions for the near future

Edited by Imma Tubella & Begona Gros

Barcelona, UOCInnova, Editorial UOC, dec. 2011, 220 p.

This book presents eight reflections on the current state of the university around the world, the problems facing it as an educational institution and the challenges it must address in a changing society, where the arrival of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) has had an immense impact.