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Parution : A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare

Fleurbaey & Maniquet - A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare - Cambridge 2011
by Marc Fleurbay & Fronçois Maniquet

Cambridge University press, June 2011, 414 p.

The definition and measurement of social welfare have been a vexed issue for the past century. This book makes a constructive, easily applicable proposal and suggests how to evaluate the economic situation of a society in a way that gives priority to the worse-off and that respects each individual's preferences over his or her own consumption, work, leisure and so on.

This approach resonates with the current concern to go 'beyond the GDP' in the measurement of social progress.

Parution : Equity in Health and Health Care

Handbooks on Health Economics : Equity in Health and Health Care
by Marc Fleurbaey & Erik Schokkaert

Handbook of Health Economics, vol. 2, 2011, p. 1003-1092.


Abstract : We discuss the conceptual foundations of measuring (in)equity in health and health care. After an overview of the recent developments in the measurement of socioeconomic inequalities and in racial disparities, we show how these partial approaches can be seen as special cases of the more general social choice approach to fair allocation and equality of opportunity.

We suggest that this latter framework offers many new analytical possibilities and